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By Nancy Brooks

  ROSEBUD—At Rosebud Community’s last official meeting, held in late February, members okayed its first audit in more than ten years.

  Following a motion by former chairwoman Deana Leighton-Haukaas, the vote count of 13-0-2 indicated there is widespread interest in finally having an audit of community finances.

  The last complete audit took place when Stephanie Sully was chair in 2005. Community bylaws require that an audit of income and spending be performed once a year.

  Since no date was set for the four-year audit, it ostensibly falls to Chairman Robert Long to schedule an immediate date, which he probably will announce.

  Chairman Long indicated that if the audit costs more than $800, it would require a bid-letting process. Long was chairman for most of the period that will be audited.

  The community is responsible for conducting and paying for its own audits. If successful, it could lead to regular audits being conducted every year, as stipulated in the bylaws.

  In other news, Rosebud Community will be welcoming the construction and opening of a new Family Dollar Store in the summer of 2016.

  Developers told the community that the new store will be larger than the dollar store in Mission, S.D., located 15 miles east of Rosebud.

  It will be situated on the westside of BIA-1 in Rosebud, across from the community building, and just down the road from AllStop Grocery Store. The proposed new Family Dollar Store already has the full approval of the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council, officials said.

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