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By Gregg Bear

ROSEBUD — A dispute has erupted here in Rosebud Community, forcing the organization to hold a new election of officers.

The decision is not without some controversy.

Following this year's Sept. 10 election which showed former chairman Bob Long winning as chairman by eight votes, a special meeting was called for Sept. 15, where a motion by Stephanie Sully was approved to hold another election of officers because not enough people were notified of the election.

Long told the Sun-Times he was out of town the day of the election, when he learned he had won. He said on returning, he had Rep. William Long III—the newly-elected council representative for Rosebud—perform the swearing-in ceremony.

However, Long confessed in a phone interview with the Sun-Times that he did not take his oath of office before a duly called community meeting, and that his swearing-in may not have been valid.

After the election, Long also took the community's checkbook home with him, as was his custom when he chaired the community. When the current chairman, Deana Leighton-Haukaas, demanded that he return it, Long did not immediately comply.

She called tribal police and was told police tried not to involve themselves in community politics as long as there was no violence.

She then went to his house, and he surrendered the checkbook to her. He apparently agreed to participate in another election, which is under challenge by the current chairman, on the basis that community members needed more notification time.

The new election is set for Sept 30, sanctioned by the local election committee. Polls will be open until 7 p.m.

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